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The cochinta country restaurant, specialized in traditional food from Yucatan, began its services in the 80’s Here we tell you the story!

From a very young age, my mother showed a special skill for cooking. While playing «cooking» she made her first rice very seriously. My grandfather celebrate it with great euphoria and love. From there my mother’s deep love for cooking was born.

She cooked not only Yucatan dishes but also delicious regional dishes, which (I tell you) surpassed by far the flavor and seasoning of anyone else, so his dishes were always highly flattered.

On the other hand, my father, who is a civil engineer, used to celebrate, as in any good project, a celebration for its completion, mainly accompanied by a barbecue.

In one of those celebrations, they decided to bring «Cochinita Pibil». And… What a celebration! Although there was barbecue, «La Cochinita» was the perfect excuse for a series of invitations to «comilonas» in many other projects. They hardly even barbecued again!

From then on, in any celebration, everyone preferred that «la guerita» (my mother) prepare «Cochinita Pibil». And from there this food is shared with a special love.

After a couple of years of trying to motivate the family to open a restaurant, my brother and I, when we were about to enter high school, contacted the parents of a friend who had a small store in the «Del Valle» neighborhood and we convinced the adults to make an appointment and go see the place. And it turns out that they «fixed it up» and that’s it, we took possession of the store! And ZAZ, let’s do it!

The rest is history. My dad was a great host and the public relations department, every weekend he organize a family gathering to eat and participate in the great start of the beautiful project of «sharing and starting a Family Business».

As you can see, Cochinita Country was born from the pleasure of sharing delicious food with the people we love the most.

We invite you to try our dishes and be part of this family!



Delicious!!! We ordered Sopa de Lima, Tacos Sudados de Cochinita Pibil and Panuchos de Relleno Negro!! Totally Yucatecan, spectacular food!! Fair prices!! Totally careful with Covid protection and hygiene rules!

– Linda Carrasco

Delicious, next to the Frida Khalo house museum in Coyoacán, excellent location. Very nice old traditional Mexican house, very rich food, very good service, they treat you very well! By the way, orange juice is fresh!

– Sofia Ortega

Very good option of Yucatecan food
Very typical and rich dishes. No matter what you order, you have to order some sweaty tacos! The best!. Even when the toasts are delicious, better dedicate yourself to asking for the typical!

– Alejandro Orosia

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Del Valle

Angel Urraza 1503, Letran Valle, Benito Juárez, 03650 Ciudad de México, CDMX


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